About Angel Heart

CEO's greeting

CEO Yoshinori Amano
CEO Yoshinori Amano

Angel Heart CO.,LTD plays an active part in "Fashion & Beauty" field, exciting, thrilling, and very sensational environment. The one thing that always comes in my mind is "responding to a strong request from the market". The long-running sales of our brand "Estelle de Valrose" and record-breaking hit of "Angel Heart" brand are not accidental at all, but what many of our consumers have been waiting for, as well as the result of our honest efforts on satisfying their requests. We focus on improving the precision of daily operations, and will continue to perform well- focused & accurate activities.

For those who live their life with might and main,For creative, moving, and still sensitive lifestyle,

We are grateful to communicate with you with our "invisible-valued" products that enrich your heart & life.

Keep that feeling when you were first surprised! Perfume your Story

Our Promise is to always keep fresh mind towards all the daily events; seeing our products in shelves - happy, facing unexpected accidents- challenging, receiving severe claims from our customers-reviewing, etc... and any other small and big stream of life.
We aim at being a simple organization who shares emotional moves for both good and bad, with all of you, and stay close to you.

1.Creating affluent spirit , growing with people

We keep pursuing "the value of joy" for the affluent hearts, hoping that our continuous challenge reach to people's mind, lightning their life, while creating invisible media "perfume".

2.Listening to the voices, facing straight to consumer's desire

We focus on what our customers are looking for, to provide them with outstanding solutions for their life to be with more smiles. By creating not only the product itself, but also a world outlook on them.

3.Rooting the fragrance culture in Japan, Expanding our aim to the world

We introduce "fashion-brands" from perfume industry to the world as a pioneer in Japanese fragrance market. The brands are continuously cultivated by consumers, and stay beside to take a part of their life. We believe our activities result in growing and activating fragrance market in Japan and establish fragrance culture in people's daily life.